Steven Sinofsky On Surface: “Everything Microsoft Has Done Is Coming Together”

Today at Microsoft’s surprise Surface press conference, Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live Division, reiterated what’s behind Surface. In particular, when it comes to the device, he said that “everything Microsoft has done is coming together.”

Microsoft has brought nearly all of its brands to the Surface. It runs Windows RT and comes with Xbox content stores and even the new Xbox Music service. Microsoft provides Bing-branded apps to read news and get the latest sports scores, and promotes SkyDrive all around the OS.

It is Microsoft’s first take on the tablet market, but a very different one from competitors as you can read in Matt Burns’ review. The company appears to be very committed to the device and is eager to show the features of the device.

The emphasis of the conference is on consumption and entertainment features. Office and the Touch Keyboard are just mentioned briefly.

Yet, the press conference is going through features we already knew. Communication is important for such an important product launch. Selling the Surface is not a small feat. Making customers understand how it works and how it’s different is key to the fate of the device.

Nobody can blame Microsoft for taking a bold move with the Surface — and Windows 8 in general. With it, the software company has designed its first PC. Marketing it will be even harder. But it’s the inevitable next step. Commenters are all waiting for to see how it will turn out.