Get Thee To The MacHeistery: 18+ Seriously Good Apps Are Going For $29

I would have posted this sooner but I just noticed that amazing indie game Braid and Bioshock 2 just ended up in the MacHeist bundle and popped over to the site to check it out. To my surprise, I found that they were also selling Scrivener – literally the best long-form writing app I’ve ever used – as well one year of Evernote Premium, a $60 value. In short, it’s some hot stuff.

More important, 25% of your order goes to charity and even more important there’s only one day left so hop over there. However, if you’re serious about writing, you have to get Scrivener. It’s a distraction-free environment that is immensely powerful and has helped me write news articles to entire books. If only those guys would launch a freaking iPad app already then I could die a happy man.

Check out the bundle here. Tell them Bartleby sent you.