Apple Hardware Sales In FY 2012: 125.04M iPhones, 58.23M iPads, 18.1M Macs And 35.2M iPods

Apple’s Q4 results mean we also now have the total hardware sales the company managed for the 2012 financial year. The company sold an amazing 125.04 million iPhones, 58.23 million iPads, 18.1 million Macs and 35.2 million iPods. To put that in perspective, it sold only 72 million iPhones across all of FY 2011.

Apple also sold around 32 million iPads in 2011, 17 million Macs and 42.6 million iPods. The FY 2012 numbers make for a 74 percent increase in iPhone sales year over year, an 81 percent bump in iPad sales, a 6.5 percent jump in Mac sales and a 17 percent drop in iPod sales. Clearly, the growth is in Apple’s iOS devices, with smartphones and tablets making up a growing piece of its overall hardware picture, which isn’t surprising given device performance over the past few years.

The iPod touch accounted for more than half of all iPods sold, too, so even among the dwindling iPod sales, iOS is still leading the way in terms of growth.