Vizify, Home Of The Graphical Social Profile, Redesigns Mobile Experience

TechStars NY graduate Vizify has today launched a few new features, including a completely redesigned mobile interface for both iOS and Android, along with support for the iPhone 5. The service brings all of your social networks together into one categorized, easy-to-use interface.

Vizify brings in LinkedIn, foursquare, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to create a complete overview of who you are. The company also recently released customizable profiles (which means users can choose a color scheme as opposed to Vizify’s default orange and black), and real-time analytics for traffic to your Vizify profile.

In a world where we have more than enough social networks and profiles, it seems odd that Vizify would throw their hat in the ring this way. But I think the idea is maintaining a positive “resume” of your digital self, as opposed to the services that do it for you without any permission, like Vizify shouldn’t be thought of as a competing social network, but rather a home base for who you are. The link you’d put on a business card, for example.

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Here’s what co-founder Todd Silverstein had to say:

I’ve been a data visualization nerd so we started doing visualizing our own data to see if we could do better. When we shared those pictures with some of the web-saavy folks in our network, they began demanding that we make pictures of their data too. So that’s when we realized we had stumbled onto something special. And led us to launch Vizify with the mission of helping you look your best online.

Users can go through and edit things, and actually have to in some cases, to make sure the profile makes sense.

Vizify has raised a total of $1.64 million since launch trying to tie up the loose ends in the disconnects of your online identity.