Shine Security Raises $3.3M To Combat Attacks On Par With Stuxnet

Shine Security has raised $3.3 million for its next-generation anti-virus technology. The round was led by Horizons Ventures with further participation from Initial Capital.

Shine addresses advanced persistent threats  that we increasingly see.  In broad strokes, Shine detects when your mobile device or PC shows just the slightest abnormality. It is designed to detect attacks that are on par with Stuxnet.

Founder and CEO Ron Porat said in an interview yesterday that the technology is designed to make the operating system unbreakable. Shine will initially work on Android devices with operating systems, including iOS, to follow.

Mobile security will become one of the most important problems for CIOs  to solve, especially with the jump in attacks, and complexity in detecting them. There are a host of companies addressing ways to combat attacks.  For instance, in July, Seculert raised $5.35 million round of funding led by Norwest Venture Partners for the Israeli company’s next generation advanced threat detection service.

In my view, Shine’s biggest challenge is the iOS platform.  It is the most widely used platform and security is at the core of the technology. Roi Carthy of Initial Capital would not say when Shine will be available on iOS.