Gadget-Swapping Site Sees 1,000% Spike In iPad Trade-In Volume Post-Apple Event

NextWorth, one of many websites that specialize in giving upgrade-hungry consumers a check for their used gadgets, said today that it experienced an over 1,000 percent increase in the volume of trade-ins across all iPad devices in the wake of Tuesday’s Apple event. The bottom line is that people look to be interested in getting the latest hardware, and are divesting themselves of older models to make that happen.

Of the new trade-in volume since Tuesday, the latest, third-generation iPad accounted for 66 percent, while the iPad 2 was responsible for 28 percent of newly swapped devices, and the original iPad came in at just 6 percent. It’s interesting that the iPad 3 is leading the pack: this means a good chunk of people who just bought a new iPad last spring or sometime since are interested in getting a newer version.

Whether those buyers are looking for the iPad mini, or the beefed up fourth-generation iPad is hard to tell from these numbers alone, but we’ll see how initial sales progress during the holiday quarter to find out. I have to say, I’m tempted to swap out my third-generation iPad for the new Lightning-capable hotness myself, if only just to minimize my cable clutter. Anyone else making the switch?