Tim Cook: Apple Has Sold 100M iPads In Just Two And A Half Years

Today, Tim Cook told us that Apple has sold over 100M iPads in just 2 and a half years of existence. That’s pretty impressive and it’s about to get bigger. But smaller…due to the iPad Mini that’s about to be announced.

“One of the things that is so rewarding to us is how quickly the iPad has been received in education” Cook shared.

The iPad isn’t just huge for mobile, it’s changing the computer industry as a whole:

What the iPad has done is make something that is super confusing and complex and turn it into something even a kid or older folk can handle. It’s huge for the web as well, as the iPad has outpaced every other tablet as far as web usage, according to Apple:

It’s huge in enterprise too, as its being used by 94% of Fortune 500 companies.

“We know we are just getting started” Cook said. The company has just unveiled the 4th generation iPad, check it out here.

We sit here and wait for the iPad Mini to be announced, so follow our liveblog.

UPDATE: Here it is, the iPad Mini: