For The Year Ending In June, Apple’s Mac Outgrew PC by 7x, Now #1 Desktop And Notebook

As we’re waiting for the iPad Mini, Apple is discussing the Mac, which has become the #1 Desktop and Notebook, according to the company. This is huge, because the personal computer industry has been run by Microsoft in the past, but Apple has shown strong growth in the past six years straight.

Right now, Phil Schiller is on stage discussing the latest Mac, the brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro, and it’s a beast with Retina support.

Legacy tells us that people want to have the same computers at home that they use at work. It makes sense, right? Forever, the PC has dominated the workplace, but things are changing. More and more, regular old folks and not designers and developers, are using Macs at work. In turn, they want one at home as well.

It doesn’t hurt that the iPhone and iPad sync seamlessly with the devices. This power play in the PC market is something to behold.

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