Eventbrite Partners With Uber, HotelTonight & RentTheRunway To Offer Perks To Event Goers

Klout isn’t the only startup dealing in perks, it seems. Today, ticketing startup Eventbrite is also expanding upon the concept of customer rewards, but in its case, doling out the perks is a decision that’s being left up to the event organizer – it’s not based on who you are or how popular you are on Twitter. Today’s launch involves perks from three well-known startups: Uber, RentTheRunway and HotelTonight.

The perks are a way an organizer can both encourage ticket sales and give thanks back to event attendees. Two of the three new perks make sense as debut partners – black car service Uber is offering $20 off your first ride and HotelTonight is offering $30 off your first booking. For those who are attending an out-of-town event, having access to discounted transportation and lodging is, indeed, a perk. RentTheRunway, which is offering $25 off your purchase, is more of a stretch. But I suppose the idea here is that you need to look good for the conference/concert/gathering/etc.?

Attendees are able to claim their perks after completing their ticket order by clicking on the banner that appears on the confirmation page. Since these perks are essentially customer referrals, both Eventbrite and the startups themselves have something to gain from these new partnerships – specifically, referral fees and customer sign-ups. Oh, and Eventbrite’s users don’t make out too badly, either.

To get started with perks, organizers can click on the following links to be directed to the appropriate perk page: Uber, RentTheRunway, or HotelTonight. Event organizers are able to include all three perks, but Eventbrite says they recommend only picking one – so attendees aren’t overwhelmed with offers.

Eventbrite worked directly with the three companies to determine the launch deals, but these discounts are subject to change. Whether or not more perks will be added in the future will depend on how well these initial perks perform. However, Eventbrite tells us there’s a lot of inbound interest from other partners.