Weather Puppy: Cloudy With A Chance Of “Awww”

What’s better than checking the weather and finding out it’s going to be a beautiful day? Checking the weather with adorable puppies on it, of course. A Miami based startup has just launched Weather Puppy, a brand new weather app that may just be my favorite app this year.

The app has two free themes, an outdoorsy theme and glamour theme, with themes like Fall Colors and Halloween available for $0.99. There is also a customizable “Add Your Own Doggy” theme, which lets you upload up to seven pictures of your own pup. The thing that really hooked me on this app though was not just the pictures of dogs, but that it enables dog-related charities to fundraise using the platform.

Weather Puppy has partnered with 13 different charities. Paws4You Animal Rescue in Miami, which is the organization the founder currently fosters with. They have since added the Pennsylvania SPCA, San Diego Humane Society (CA), San Antonio Humane Society (TX), Austin Humane Society (TX), Tampa SPCA (FL), The Anti-Cruelty Society (Chicago), Broward Humane Society (Ft. Lauderdale), Animal Humane New Mexico, Humane Society of Utah, Detroit Dog Rescue, Animal Haven Shelter (NYC) and Mohawk Humane Society (NY).

“In addition to other support, the big game changer for the charities is that most are going to sell their own branded themes within the app – giving them a way to fundraise by selling digital content. Most already fundraise by selling physical calendars so this is an easy progression for them and one that opens them up to donors across the country,” says Suraj Hemnani, founder of Weather Puppy with Shiv Takhar.

Another fun thing about this app, as you can see above, is how the dogs change based on the weather. If it’s sunny outside, the featured puppy may be wearing shades. Dark out? Perhaps the pup is sleeping. Cold? They may be hiding under a blanket.

Users also have the ability to share their screen on Facebook or Twitter with a short message. Users can do this once to share to both networks simultaneously as well.

The weather app gives you current conditions (even sunrise & sunset), plus forecasts for the next three days. The data is provided by Weather Underground.

Weather Puppy is available for iOS only at the moment, but the team tells me they are looking to expand soon. Weather puppy is available for download here. Interested charities can contact Weather Puppy here.