Twitter Poaches Former Google Exec Matt Derella As New Director Of Agency Business Development

According to AdAge, Twitter is taking this whole brand thing seriously, as it has hired away a prominent Googler, Matt Derella, to be its new Director of Agency Business Development.

This is a huge development for Twitter, which as we’ve pointed out is moving closer and closer to the media industry. Execs at top agencies, firms and networks are all over Twitter to become more involved with the network, we’ve learned.

Derella comes in to manage the relationships with agencies, which makes complete sense. This is definitely a huge loss for his former employer, Google.

Here’s what Derella told AdAge regarding the move:

Twitter understands that agencies are going to be a really important part of the Twitter advertising ecosystem, and they understand that we need to invest in our agency partners.

As far as what Derella will be doing for Twitter, he says that he’ll be the interface to agencies who aren’t sure what Twitter can do for brands and advertising on the network. Yes, there are those out there who don’t quite “get it” yet, and Derella has an uphill battle, but one that is ultimately worth it in my opinion.

There’s also a certain amount of squashing of rumors and mis-truths about the quality of Twitter ads themselves, which the company needs to do a better job of explaining to the masses who have the advertising dollars to spend.

[Photo credit: Flickr]