Post Seed Funding, MOVE Guides Releases Its Public Beta For Globetrotting Movers

We covered MOVE Guides when they announced their initial £400,000 seed funding. Now they are launching their public beta designed so address something we’ve seen very few startups tackle: international relocation, a market worth more than £40 billion annually. Already we’ve seen Moveline appear, (a new TechStars company), which does domestic removals in the US. MOVE Guides is designed to dramatically simplify someone moving their lives to an international city. At launch it is just about moving to London or internationally, carrying expert local content, price comparison and booking across eight services. But services are planned for the US and Asia within the next 12 months.

‘Traditional’ relocation management companies tend to dominate corporate relocation globally. The largest is Cartus (owned by Realogy with Century 21 and Coldwell Banker), which went public this month. Brynne K. Herbert, MOVE Guides founder and CEO, tells us those businesses are very ‘offline’ so therefore the there’s potential to disrupt them with an online play.

Backed by top European angel investors Sherry Coutu, Sean Park, Tom Hulme, Dale Murray and Kevin Eyres, among others, MOVE GUIDES has been in private beta testing since July, moving people from international companies and students from business schools.