Does The World Need More Social Media Analytics? Kima Ventures Invests €100K In ShoorK

I’m not sure the world is crying out for more social media analytics, but France-based Kima Ventures obviously thinks it is. Today, the early-stage VC fund owned by Xavier Niel and Jeremie Berrebi, has announced that it’s invested €100,000 in the French startup ShoorK, which is developing a range of social media analytics tools for brands, community managers and agencies.

This first round of financing will be used by ShoorK to accelerate the development of its products and “position itself strongly” in the Social Media Analytics market, says the company.

These types of offering are all about brands being able to measure and gain insights into the level of engagement of their communities on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Where ShoorK thinks it one-ups its competitors, however, is the depth and precision of the data it surfaces, and the fact that it provides the ability to get analytics on competing brands too — that’s potentially a big deal, though I’m not sure how unique the startup is in offering this option.

It also appears to be what caught Kima’s interest. “ShoorK’s solution seduced us by its new approach of Social Media Analytics that enables [users] to precisely measure the way all brands act on social media and not anymore look only at their own actions”, says Jeremie Berrebi, Co-Founder of Kima Ventures, in a canned statement.

To that end, ShoorK says it will roll out a paid-for Premium offering soon, which is obviously how it plans to make money.