Distimo Launches Daily App Leaderboard & AppIQ Service To Offer Competitive Data On App Downloads, Revenue, Rankings & More

App store analytics firm Distimo is rebranding its cross-platform app tracking service known as Distimo Monitor to Distimo Analytics today, and adding a new data service for mobile app developers and investors called AppIQ. While the main analytics offering will allow developers to track their own apps for free, AppIQ will provide additional competitive information on a subscription basis. This includes the ability to track and compare app downloads with competitors, tools to analyze revenues (including in-app purchases) among competing apps, and a Leaderboard which shows the daily rankings of all applications.

The Leaderboard’s rankings can also be broken down by app store, country, category, device, and free/paid/gross figures. The service supports all the major app stores, and for iOS and Android, it includes daily volumes per individual app, too. Developers can use the Leaderboard to see how many downloads it takes in order to achieve a particular rating on any given day, which is a critical metric for boosting installs and revenue.

In addition, AppIQ shows download and revenue data for apps across 40 countries worldwide, and is based on the transactional data from over 120,000 apps with a margin of error below 10%. (Developers who sync their own App Analytics data with the service have their app’s transactional data excluded from the analysis to ensure confidentiality.)

AppIQ, simply put, helps developers get a better sense of what their niche in the app ecosystem looks like by offering tools that go beyond simply monitoring how their own apps are performing. For example, a developer could use the service to compare how their new entry holds up next to the leading apps in the space, and they can also watch the impact of what other events like price changes, featured listings and version updates, have on app downloads. Developers can use AppIQ to help them figure out the best business model for their app, too, by keeping an eye on how the different business models play out among competitors, what daily revenues look like, as well as what revenues look like by platform or country.

Most importantly, Distimo’s data is highly accurate. In terms of iOS downloads in particular, the majority of apps (54%) are estimated with a margin of error below 3%. And 95% of apps are estimated with a margin of error below 10%, Distimo says.

“The biggest reason why our data quality is extremely high is that we’ve been supporting all the major app stores from the beginning, and now support nine different stores with the tenth (Windows 8 Store) in final development” explains Vincent Hoogsteder, Distimo co-founder and CEO. “As a result of our cross-store strategy, we have attracted the largest developers in the market and thus have the most accurate insight into download and revenue volumes in the markets. Competitors usually support only iOS and some Android,” he adds. “We also get all our data straight from the app stores, so we know the data source is 100% reliable.”

Distimo Analytics’ web-based service, as noted above, is free of charge to developers tracking their own apps, while AppIQ tiered subscription pricing will depend on the number of apps and countries. Developers, as well as financial services and investors, are able to subscribe to AppIQ. Prices start at €99/month for 1 store, 3 competing apps and 2 countries, and go up to €2,899/month for 2 stores, 50 competing apps, and 10 countries before moving into enterprise pricing. More info here.