Google To Launch “For Everyone” Ad Campaign Around New Chromebooks, Expands Best Buy Partnership To 500 Stores

When Google announced the new $249 Chromebooks from Samsung this morning, the big message was that these computers are “for everyone.” If that sounds like a marketing slogan, well, that’s exactly what it is — Chrome and Apps Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai said Google is launching an ad campaign around that theme, starting with TV spots that should air tonight.

This will actually be Google’s first big marketing push for the Chromebook, he said. Pichai compared the situation to the launch of Chrome, where Google waited until the team felt it was “really ready for the mainstream,” which meant that the first real ad campaign ran about year after Chrome first became available.

You can see the first “For Everyone” ad below. It’s definitely aiming for a non-techie audience — there was no mention of specs or features, and in fact relatively few shots of the Chromebook itself (there was a fleeting glimpse of a toddler stepping on one). Instead, it consists mostly of what looks like home video footage, with messages like “FOR LAZY SUNDAYS” and “FOR HOMEWORK” superimposed.

The company will also be expanding its brick-and-mortar retail efforts. Back Google I/O in June, Google announced that Chromebooks would be sold in 100 Best Buy stores. Today Pichai said that’s expanding to 500 stores, which will have special Chromebook kiosks staffed by Google-trained specialists.

The new Chromebook will also be available for order online as well, of course, including in the Google Play store. Go here read more about the device and find pre-order links.