Um, What?! The Quadski Is A Cross Between Jet Ski And Four-Wheeler

Depending on how you look at it, this is either the first floating four-wheeler, or the first jet ski with wheels. Either way, it’s awesome from just about any perspective.

The Quadski, as they say, comes from the same guy who created an amphibious car, called Aquada. His name is Alan Gibbs, and he was able to build himself a working prototype of the vehicle, but silly automotive laws in the U.S. (like, you know, required airbags) kept him from manufacturing the wheelie-boat on a large scale.

But the Quadski is different from the Aquada, as it functions more as a single-person vehicle — a hybrid between an ATV and a jet ski.

It can go 45mph on both land and water, which isn’t quite what you can see on some ATVs, but still respectable, and takes four seconds to switch between the sea and the earth. Oh, and pre-orders will open soon at the price of $40,000.

According to Gibbs, the company will move 1,000 units in the first year, high price point and all.

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[via Core77]