Klout Updates iPhone App With Passbook Integration, Wants You To “Show Off” With Klout Card

Online social influence is something that can really rub people the wrong way. Klout obviously believes in it wholeheartedly; others, not so much. Now, in a move that’s sure to generate its fair share of criticism, Klout has updated its iPhone app with Passbook support, allowing users to create their own “Klout Card,” which lives in Passbook and can help users “show off [their] influence to get special service and experiences” from businesses.

Klout hasn’t said much about where or how exactly that will work, or what businesses are signed up to recognize it, (we’ve reached out to them for more info, and will update accordingly), but the card will include your user name, profile photo and Klout Score, so that you can tell anyone anywhere that you’re kind of a big deal on web-based social services. I’m having terrifying visions of people flashing these things at social outings to try to settle debates about who knows more on any given topic. Please don’t let that happen.

Other features of the update include iPhone 5 display optimization, as well as notifications for Klout Perk eligibility and the ability to claim right from your iPhone. But let’s be honest, this is all about the card, which for Klout could be a way to get more local businesses on board with its brand and potentially its Perks platform.

Update: Here’s some more info from Klout’s official blog post on the iOS app update, which details all the new features. Still, no specific details on how the new Klout Card will work in practice, or at what establishments.

Perks on Your iPhone

We’re excited to announce that as of today’s release, you will be able to discover and claim Perks directly from your phone. Our updated iPhone app will notify you when you are eligible for pre-qualified Perks, and then allow you to claim that Perk immediately, wherever you are.

We’re also taking our iPhone experience a step deeper by including a full integration with Apple’s new Passbook. Using the updated version of our app, you can add your “Klout Card” to Passbook, which will display your name, photo and Klout Score all in one place. With your Klout Card, you can show off your influence and get access to special services and experiences from the businesses you love.

Perks around the Web

A few weeks ago, we released the KloutPass SDK, which allows partners to authenticate and register users with Klout. Today we are announcing that 500px—a Toronto-based photo community that lets you discover, share, buy and sell photographs—is the first partner to embrace our KloutPass SDK. Based on your Klout Score, you can receive savings off of your premium 500px account, up to 100 percent. More information about the 500px Perk is available here.

Perks on Klout

Finally, these new Perks avenues are accompanied by updates to the Klout.com Perks experience. We believe that everyone’s influence is unique, thus your Perks will now be more catered to you than ever before. They are also easier to claim and share with your friends, and will allow you to add yourself to a wait-list if you happen to miss something you like. So whether it’s a free Burt’s Bees gift pack or a spot at the open bar at next week’s Cadillac red carpet event, don’t forget to keep an eye on your inbox to see the Perks we have for you.