Launches A Directory For Apps. Apps!

It’s been a few months since launched its new social platform, and the company has gotten some good feedback from developers. While not nearly the size of Facebook or Twitter, the company has has a couple dozen apps already. Today, announced a new way for users* to discover and download apps to use on its platform. The Directory clearly wants to differentiate itself as friendlier social network for developers. The hope is that with great apps using its platform in new and interesting ways, users will follow to take advantage of those apps. So creating a place where users can easily find those apps — whether they’re made for desktop, web browser, or mobile devices — makes a lot of sense.

Currently there are 27 apps available in the directory, but not every app made for the social networking platform has made its way over. is also hoping to get more to sign up, nudging developers to add them to the directory through its My Apps link.

The launch of the directory comes not long after announced it would hand out at least $20,000 per month in rewards as part of its Developer Incentive Program. With that program, surveys users to see which apps they like the best, and then rewards developers based on those ratings. is also trying to incentivize new people to sign up by lowering its prices after getting 20,000 users to sign up.