ER Accelerator To Boost Seed Funding By $15K Per Startup For Winter 2013 Class

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator has popped out more than a few successful startups. Centzy, Number Fire, Bespoke Post, and Triple Lift come to mind. Not to mention PublicStuff, which recently raised $5 million.

But Jon Axelrod, Managing Director of ERA is no fan of resting on laurels, and so the accelerator is making a few important changes.

With the January 2013 class, the accelerators’ fourth class ever, ERA will bump the original $25,000 in seed funding to $40,000 per company. “We really believe that extra $15,000 can really make a difference,” said Axelrod.

But just because funding is getting a bump doesn’t mean there will be fewer companies in the program; ERA will still accept ten companies per class.

And if that weren’t enough, the accelerator is extending the program for an extra month, which means startups will have access to all the benefits of the accelerator for four months instead of three.

ERA has also told TechCrunch that they will begin to participate in second and third round investments where they see fit. This doesn’t mean they’ll lead any new rounds of funding for their companies, but they will now give themselves the option to participate as follow-on investors.

Applications are currently open for the ERA 2013 class, and hungry entrepreneurs can click here to get their app on.

Happy disrupting, everyone!