ZocDoc CEO Cyrus Massoumi On Making Medicine More Tech-Savvy, One Appointment At A Time [TCTV]

ZocDoc is certainly not the new kid on the startup block. The company, which is best known for making a web-centric booking platform for medical appointments, originally launched way back in 2007 at the TechCrunch 40 conference — the earliest iteration of what is now known as Disrupt.

But despite its long history, ZocDoc has refrained from launching new products, opting instead to focus on scaling out the reach of its flagship scheduling offering to an audience that includes medical providers in 31 metro areas in the United States. That is, until last week, when ZocDoc started rolling out “Check-In,” a new feature that lets patients fill out medical forms online prior to their doctor’s appointments.

This was a pretty big step forward for ZocDoc, as CEO and founder Cyrus Massoumi tells us, it signifies a shift in the company’s larger strategy — ZocDoc plans to roll out more new services in the months ahead. So while Massoumi was visiting San Francisco last week from ZocDoc’s native New York, it was great to have him swing by TechCrunch TV to give us an in-person rundown of all that’s happening with his company.

Watch the video embedded above to hear Massoumi talk about why ZocDoc went so many years without a new offering, how the Check-In launch is going so far, how it views the competitive landscape, how the upcoming election could impact the company, and much much more.