Goodbye, Kindle DX, You Were Too Big For This World

The Kindle DX (artist’s rendition shown here), Amazon’s 10-inch offering to the academic set, has been discontinued on the site and is only available from used dealers. Although there has been no official word concerning the DX, the product was reduced from $379 to $299 and the DX is currently out of stock on Amazon.

Amazon designed the 9.7-inch reader as a way to display full pages of content at once and allow readers to see images and text a bit more easily. Launched in 2009, the DX appeared just as readers were thinking about the differences between tablets and e-readers and magazine and newspaper publishers were excited to drop print and move into the ereaders. You’ll recall this is the same period that Hearst media tried and failed to launch the color Skiff e-reader for magazines.

The 6-inch form factor for e-readers seems like the way to go and while I don’t doubt Amazon will release a bigger reader at some point, it seems this heavy, hearty e-reader has gone the way of the great Dinornis novaezelandiae of New Zealand.

via The Ebook Reader