According To Path, Its Users Really Can’t Get Enough Of “The Hunger Games”, Here’s Their Top 10 Watched Films

If you’re a Path user, you know that you can share the movies that you’re watching with your intimate group of friends and family. It’s not a feature that I’ve used a lot, even though I’m a huge movie freak. I can safely say that I’ve seen at least 50% of the movies ever released. That’s not really scientific, but Path has released some scientific information about the most watched movies as shared by its users on the service.

Any guesses as to what’s #1? Ugh, it’s “The Hunger Games.” Not my kinda thing, even though I saw it, but this top ten shows what was watched, not the sentiment that followed:

Here are the overall top ten most watched movies on Path:

1. The Hunger Games
2. Marvel’s The Avengers
3. The Dark Knight Rises
4. Looper
5. Ted
6. The Dictator
7. The Expendables 2
8. The Cabin in the Woods
9. Think Like A Man
10. 21 Jump Street

Here’s the scientificy explanation from Path on these trends:

We took a look at movie watching in all major American cities and made a few surprising discoveries. Bostonians don’t watch a lot of movies. And while comparatively few movie moments are posted by you New Englanders, in Houston, quite the opposite is true – more movies are watched per capita than even LA (a close second!).

UPDATE: Related and noted:

I haven’t seen all of these, sadly. I’m falling behind in my movie watching, apparently. There’s no Say Anything… on the list, so I’m pretty bummed about that to be honest. As far as Path goes, I still find it personally difficult to fit into my daily app usage. I love checking up on what my friends are sharing, but I haven’t been good at sharing my own stuff. Friends try to nudge me to use it, but I’m not sure what the disconnect is.

The app is gorgeous, the execution is spot-on, but I tend to use Twitter, Google+ and Facebook way much more. What are your experiences with Path? Share em in the comments!

[Killer photo credit: Flickr]