Samsung Hiring More U.S.-Educated Talent: Wants Science, Engineering Post-Grads, MBAs, Interns

South Korean electronics giant Samsung — which makes pretty much every gadget and gizmo you can think of from mobile phones to household refrigerators and even tanks — is on a graduate recruitment drive aimed at further strengthening its North American business, according to the Korea Times. Specifically Samsung Electronics is seeking to hire post-grads who hold either a Master’s or doctoral degrees from “prestigious U.S. universities”.

Science and engineering graduates are top of its list — with doctorate candidates required to have a degree in electrical engineering, computer engineering, computer science, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, medical engineering or material engineering. It is also open to applications from science and engineering students who expect to gain their post-grad degrees by the end of the year.

Also on Samsung’s want-list: people who obtained MBAs in the U.S. MBA candidates must have two years work experience in companies and a degree in marketing, management development, product strategy or business strategy, the paper reports.

A European recruitment specialist for Samsung Electronics, Lorenza Salerno, has been previously quoted on its MBA hiring drive saying: “Just because we’re a technology company doesn’t mean we only hire scientists. We definitely need people with MBAs. When Samsung looks for MBAs, it’s usually for candidates who have experience at leading global companies like Unilever, IBM or Procter & Gamble. Samsung is looking for people who not only have a solid academic background but also good business experience which they can share with the company.”

Samsung is also seeking to take on interns who are still at college. There are no details on how many jobs it wants to fill with U.S. educated post-grads. We’ve reached out to Samsung for more details and will update if they respond.

The paper reports that successful candidates will start their internship with Samsung next summer, and begin working full time in 2014 at the company’s office in Korea.

Earlier this year Samsung Semiconductor announced it would be expanding the size of an existing facility in San Jose, Silicon Valley, ramping up its local employment.