Samsung Rumored To Reveal A Smaller Spin On The Galaxy S III Next Week

A good chunk of Samsung’s recent smartphone releases seemed intent on stretching people’s hands beyond their limits, but it seems like the company may be ready to buck that trend very soon. According to a recently released press invitation, Samsung will be pulling back the curtains on a smaller-than-usual smartphone at its Mobile Store in Frankfurt on October 11.

“So big can be small,” the invitation reads. “And so small can be big.” Cryptic, no?

Anyway, more than a few people have latched onto the idea that this mystery smartphone is in fact a tinier, more pocketable version of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. German gadget site MobiFlip (who first published the images of the interview) claims that anything other than a miniature Galaxy S III wouldn’t make sense at this point, an assertion that happens to jibe nicely with earlier whispers of a tiny Galaxy S III. Alright, maybe “tiny” isn’t the right word — the GSIII Mini’s purported spec sheet pegs it as having a 4-inch Super AMOLED panel and a 5-megapixel camera, in addition to running the “latest” version of Android.

The rest of the image doesn’t really give us much to work more with — as with most event invitations, it seems to revel in its vagueness — but there’s a conspicuous S logo nestled behind the text that indicates that whatever we’re going to see is part of Samsung’s Galaxy S family. That’s actually an important distinction to make here too, because the company is more than happy to push out lower-end and niche devices under the Galaxy banner, but the S line has been the company’s flagship line of Android handsets for years now, so whatever happens to take the proverbial stage next week should be worth keeping an eye on.