Mogreet Releases APIs To Let Developers Quickly Add SMS, Video, Rich Media Messaging To Apps

Mogreet, the Los Angeles-based startup that provides brands and marketers with a distribution platform for mobile video messaging, today announced the release of its API developer portal, which allows third party-developers to easily integrate MMS, SMS, video and in-app messaging into their applications.

Launched in 2006, Mogreet has built a distribution platform for mobile messaging, which specializes in delivering rich media (i.e. video and MMS) to mobile devices, giving marketers the ability to more effectively reach consumers through video ads. The idea being, of course, that rich media and video messages have a higher conversion rate than plain old SMS marketing.

Today Mogreet reaches two billion consumers and is supported in 175 countries, working with big retailers and media companies (like Bloomingdale’s and Fox, to name a few), which use the service to text updates and ads for new shows and merchandise, linking fans to video campaigns and encouraging them to share those video messages on Facebook walls, Twitter, etc.

The platform has now matured to a point that Mogreet feels its ready to open up access to its services via APIs, allowing developers to create new use cases for MMS and rich media messaging. As such, the company’s RESTful APIs offer cloud-based solutions to quickly integrate MMS, SMS, video streaming, content optimization and rich media to online, mobile and social apps.

The big appeal of Mogreet’s MMS APIs for developers is that they can now integrate rich media messaging into their products for $0.01 per message sent, so it’s cheap, and on top of that, the APIs work across all of the top wireless carriers in the U.S.

Anthony Rossano, CTO of Mogreet, tells us that, as every mobile devices reads and receives multimedia differently, the startup’s content optimization APIs transcode content into the appropriate file formats to make sure files show up when and where they’re supposed to. This means developers don’t have to worry about sandboxing for different content formats across different content formats and OSes, as the APIs allow playback on mobile devices, notebooks, desktops and tablets.

The developer portal also includes lookup API services, giving developers access to mobile data, including carrier, handset and OS capabilities for targeting and customized outreach, as well as in-app messaging that allows them to push content to those who already subscribe to their apps.

In the spring, Mogreet raised $4.1 million (bringing its total funding to $14 million) to support moShare, which like the ubiquitous Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing buttons, gives publishers the ability to add a Mogreet share button to their website so that users can text video and MMS messages directly to each others’ devices.