Nokia Joins The iPhone 5 Bashing With This Clever Lumia 920 Video Ad

Samsung loves to bash the iPhone and its legions of dedicated fans. And now Nokia has thrown down, too.

Nokia announced the stunning Lumia 920 last month. In several ways, it’s an anti-iPhone with a large screen, forward-thinking hardware features, and, yes like this ad brags, multiple color options.

For better or worse, phone manufacturers have turned to attacking the Apple and the iPhone rather than simply advertising their phones.

Verizon was very blunt with its 2009 iDon’t DroidDoes ad campaign. Motorola poked fun at the mindless Apple fanboys in its 2011 Xoom Super Bowl commercial. Then, later that year, Samsung also made fun of ignorant iPhone users. Samsung revived the ad campaign for the launch of the Galaxy S III, saying there’s no need to wait in line as the next big thing (the GSIII) is already here. This brings us to Nokia.

Nokia is in a tough spot. It needs a hit. This video just hit YouTube today. There’s no word if it will be aired on TV. But expect a major marketing push for the new Lumia phones. And for good reason, too. They’re fantastic.