Leaked iPad Mini Pics Show Nano-SIM Card Slot, Anodized Aluminum Casing

The iPad mini is taking shape. Pics of the 7.85-inch tablet hit the interwebs today and show a tablet similar to the iPhone 5. The tablet is said to sport a nano-SIM card slot for wireless network support. The casing is also reportedly anodized aluminum, a material iPhone 5 owners quickly discovered scratches very easily.

These pics match the form factor foreshadowed by the 3rd party cases currently available from Chinese manufacturers. The pics show a tablet that looks more like a big iPhone rather than a smaller iPad. The side bezel is smaller and the speakers are placed on the bottom, flanking a Lightning port.

These pics show a slightly different design than previous leaks. Other pics show a tablet built from the design cues used in the iPad: back speaker, tapered backplate, and bare aluminum casing. This one is more iPhone 5 than iPad.

No word on pricing or availability just yet. Invites for the October 17 event are said to hit Apple’s BFF’s inboxes on October 10. Once announced, expect the iPad mini to be relatively inexpensive (rumors state $249-$299) and be available near immediately. Move over, Furby. Small tablets are going to be the hot item this holiday season.