Dyn Raises $38M Series A Round Led by North Bridge, Adds Jason Calacanis To Its Board

Dyn, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service company that’s probably best known for DynDNS, just announced that it has raised a $38 million Series A round led by North Bridge. The New Hampshire-based company, which was bootstrapped in 2001, focuses on providing its clients with DNS and email infrastructure services. As part of this investment, Dyn is also establishing a formal board of directors. Besides Jeremy Hitchcock and Tom Daly, the Dyn co-founders, North Bridge general partners Ric Fulp and Russ Pyle will join the board, as well as Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis.

Its services, the company says, are currently being used by over 4 million users worldwide. In addition, Dyn has 2,000 enterprise and 450,000 e-commerce clients. These customers include the likes of Twitter, Zappos, Pandora, Zillow, Spotify, Zipcar, and CNBC. Dyn currently operates 20 data centers around the world and has offices in San Francisco, as well as in Brighton and Wrexham, UK.

Dyn started out at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and launched its DynDNS service in 2001. For the first nine years, the company’s focus was purely on DNS services. In 2010, however, Dyn launched its email delivery service, which now has 15,000 users according to the company’s own data.

According to a canned statement by Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock, the company plans to “double down” its commitment “to being the world leader in Infrastructure as a Service and are delighted to partner with North Bridge, one of the leading technology and infrastructure investors in the country.” The investment, he also said, will allow Dyn to be in a better position to “cement” its “leadership position within a rapidly growing multibillion dollar IaaS opportunity.”