Klout CEO Joe Fernandez Responds To Criticism, Talks Job Descriptions That Include Score “Requirements” [TCTV]

Over the weekend, I wrote a post about Salesforce telling potential job applicants that one of its “desired skills” was having a Klout score of 35 or more. Needless to say, I found this to be a bit unsettling, as I instantly imagined other companies forcing this into their own job applications.

Whether you agree with what Klout does or not, and for the most part, I don’t, it’s a hot space. I’m not a fan of “class systems” and people feeling good or bad about some arbitrary score.

As soon as my post was published, Klout’s CEO, Joe Fernandez, tweeted to me about how HR people are using Klout at companies. I asked him to come to our office and discuss it with me, and he graciously accepted. I also got to ask him about the rumors that the company had manually adjusted scores for people who complained loudly that theirs was too low.

Have a watch:

Klout is most certainly a lightning rod, and at least Fernandez isn’t backing down from a good argument or discussion.