Kickstarter Darling MetaWatch Shows Off New Features

Every time I see a smart watch I scoff and chortle like an bitter old man watching a gymnast fall on TV. I’m just not into them.

But the MetaWatch may have just melted my sclerotic heart. Here we see the Kickstarter project actually do something cool, namely allow users to change widgets on the fly using an iPhone app. Imagine this during a long trip – you just swap out time zones – or maybe you’re waiting for an important message. It seems unutterably valuable and, more important, it seems to work.

Considering that the MetaWatch is slated to ship very, very soon (they said the last week in September, but obviously that slipped), it will be interesting to see if the Pebble will be able to keep up. Again, as someone who is very wary of smart watches, I hope that both products win me over when they launch. Someone needs to make a smartwatch and if anyone can do it its these guys.