Camera+ Goes Big, Makes The Leap From iPhone To iPad

Camera+ is a consistently top-selling app in Apple’s iOS App Store, providing users with enhanced camera features and effects. Developer tap tap tap hopes that success will translate to the larger screen, today introducing an iPad version that also introduces iCloud syncing of photos between the iPhone and iPad apps. The app is a new standalone piece of software, not a universal update to the original iPhone version, and sells for $0.99 at launch.

The iPad version offers pretty much the same kind of features users are used to on the iPhone, including touch-up tools, filter effects like those found in Instagram, cropping and borders. Other features include a camera stabilization tool, timer and burst ode functions. Although the focus seems to be on editing and managing your library with this version of Camera+, as a complement to the iPhone version, there are no shortage of people taking photos direct from their iPad, as I can personally attest from recent vacations.

The iCloud-based library sycning puts Camera+ squarely in competitive territory with other cloud library management apps, like Adobe Revel, and even Apple’s own iCloud Photo Streams. But if there’s one thing Camera+ has proven over time, it’s that the app is capable of building significant success on top of a model that seems to just replicate existing function Apple already provides, with some minor tweaks and improvements. Camera+ has seen over 9 million sales on the App Store for iPhone, after all, and continues to enjoy good position in the charts despite having been around since 2010.