Bad Piggies Is A Hit, Taking Just 3 Hours To Hit The Top Spot In The U.S. App Store

And just like that, Rovio is back to number 1. The Finnish gaming company today launched Bad Piggies, an entirely new game that features some of the same characters from the smash hit, Angry Birds.

In this iteration, however, you play the game from the pigs’ point of view, building vehicle-style contraptions to get you through the map.

The game only launched a few hours ago, at 3am ET, yet Ville Heijari of Rovio, tweeted that the game had already hit the top spot in iTunes in the U.S. It took only three hours or so.

We’re unclear whether or not Angry Birds Space had the same speedy success. According to multiple reports, Angry Birds Space hit number one “just hours” or “a few hours” after going live in the App Store.

Angry Birds Space hit 10 million downloads in ten days and 50 million downloads in just 35 days. But with this type of immediate traction, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bad Piggies topped that record.

Remember, it’s only 9:30 am here on the East Coast, meaning that people either stayed up late, woke up early, or downloaded this app first thing when they woke up this morning. And most of the U.S. isn’t even awake yet.

Well done, Rovio (*golfclap*).