Watch out, RIAA: Kim Dotcom Is Back And Teasing Megaupload’s Upcoming Music Service, Megabox

Megaupload will not be stopped. After a dramatic take-down followed by an anticlimactic trial, Kim Dotcom is quickly rebuilding the Megaupload empire. TorrentFreak recently detailed the relaunch, stating the coding is nearly done, the servers are ordered and Kim Dotcom is prepared to come back with a vengeance.

Now Kim Dotcom released the video above teasing the launch of Megabox. This is Megaupload’s long-talked about music locker service and perhaps the reason Dotcom was targeted so harshly. “This is what they don’t want you to have. Unchaining artists and fans. Megabox is coming soon,” says the YouTube description. And if the little LEGO Android statue shown is any indication, Megabox is likely built heavily for mobile.

Dotcom previously revealed that Megabox will allow artists to sell music directly to fans, keeping 90% of the profits. It’s unclear if that’s still the case, but it’s probably a safe bet that Dotcom and the rest of the Megaupload world are prepping Megabox to be the anti-RIAA and as pro-artist/fans as possible. And that’s awesome.