More Maps Backlash? Uber Tells Drivers To Hold Off On Updating To iOS 6 Until Next Week

There’s been plenty of complaining from consumers about the often-inaccurate new maps in iOS 6, and it sounds like Uber isn’t too happy about the update either.

Uber drivers tell us that the company sent out a text message telling them that if they haven’t updated their iPhones to iOS 6 already, they should hold off until next week. It makes sense that Uber would have problems — after all, dealing with inaccurate maps and directions is pretty inconvenient in any situation, but it’s particularly rough when you drive for a living, and when a lot of that driving takes you to and from new locations.

In fact, even before I’d heard about the message, one of my Uber drivers (who had already updated) complained to me about how terrible the new maps were. He said that when he came to pick me up, the Uber app (using the Apple map) had led him to a different street. Most of my other rides have proceeded without incident, probably in part because some of the drivers hadn’t updated yet. Another used his Android phone for directions. But we’ve heard about similar things happening to other customers.

The real question is: What’s happening next week? Has Uber found some sort of workaround? Or is Apple going to update its maps in a way that circumvents the worst problems? I guess we’ll find out.

I emailed Uber for comment this morning, and again this afternoon, but I haven’t heard back. I’ll update if I do.