Watch RIM Evangelists Sing A Love Song To The Devs Still Holding On

Damn: Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem for RIM, has got some pipes. This little ditty, sung to the tune of Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon, is RIM’s way of saying that they still love the developers who have dedicated their lives, businesses, and livelihood to the platform. That, my friends, is a nice, honest sentiment.

Arguably, they need this Neal Doughty bump. The BB10 platform is still as vaporous as Chris Smith’s ethereal guitar and the platform is as slow to market as ‘Wagon tribute bands are quick to sell out State Fairs. While I’d love to say something like “Ha! Look how desperate RIM is here!” I won’t. Why? Because these are real devs trying to do their job. Whether they’re coding away in a company in transition or, as I believe, a burning building, is not my call.

So sing out, Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances and Business, and clang your git-fiddle, Chris Smith. BlackBerry clearly means a lot to you. Sadly, it’s beginning to not matter much to your customers. It’s your job to make sure that they can’t fight this feeling anymore because the company seems lost in a dream. Don’t be only a summer love, RIM. Keep pushin’, if only for Little Queenie.

You’ll always be my sophisticated lady.