The Ostrich Pillow: Because Who Doesn’t Love A Good Nap?

I tend to take naps everywhere — on park benches, at my kitchen table after lunch, and most certainly on the subway. In fact, I’m convinced that I have some sort of sleep disorder, despite my doctor’s insistence to the contrary. But with or without some official diagnosis, I seem to have stumbled across the sweet elixir to my napping happiness.

It’s called the Ostrich Pillow, and even though it’s been around for about a year, it only recently made its way on to Kickstarter. It’s essentially a giant oversized hat, that stretches all the way from the top of your head down to the crown of your shoulders, with a small hole for your nose and mouth, and holes up top for your hands.

The idea is that, as napping becomes more and more commonplace in work environments, users can strap on their ostrich pillow and doze off for a power nap. It seems to have everything covered, except it appears to lack proper neck support. I’ll need to get my hands (err.. head?) in one to find out, but based on the pictures you may wake up with quite the crick.

Here at TechCrunch, one of our fearless leaders has discovered that a solid nap during the work day actually improves performance, much to her surprise.

Other companies are also jumping on the nap time bandwagon, including Google and Cisco. According to Fortune, 6 percent of companies included nap rooms in their facilities in 2011, and 34 percent of ~1,500 respondents were allowed to nap at work.

Oh, I almost forgot… Romain, our intern, also sleeps at work.

It’s the beginning of a new era my friends.