TechCrunch’s YouTube Channel Hits 10 Million Video Views

OK, so we’re not at Gangnam Style or Call Me Maybe viewing levels. Those videos have more than 274 million and 269 million views, respectively, on YouTube. But today, TechCrunch’s YouTube channel passed its own milestone: 10 million views.

Michael Arrington wrote the first post on TechCrunch on June 11th, 2005. Less than two months later, obviously recognizing that video was going to be important, he had signed up for a YouTube channel.

We’ve just completed a re-fresh and re-design of our YouTube page and have started feeding it with our TCTV videos, after a short hiatus. We’ve got more than 2500 videos available, plus featured playlists for our shows like TC Cribs and events such as Disrupt. Our recent Mark Zuckerberg interview is now featured on our YouTube home page.

You can join our 14,181 YouTube subscribers by signing up here.

Here’s a look at our all-time top three videos on YouTube:

If you are wondering about that last William Shatner video, you can learn why he loves TechCrunch here.

We will still use the AOL On player for TechCrunch videos on our site, but we are glad to have our videos available on the YouTube network as well.