Packers Player Generates 150K Retweets, Part Of 1M Tweets Hating On NFL Refs

According to Twitter, the Monday Night Football game last night caused quite a stir in the Twitterverse. One player in particular caused a fuss with his very angry tweets about the replacement refs in the NFL.

Over 1M total tweets were generated during the last play, which is pretty amazing. I’m sure a few of them were from happy Seahawks fans…but very few.

Last night during #MNF, Twitter conversation went into overdrive, when the @seahawks went head-to-head with the @packers at Qwest Field. Players and fans flocked to Twitter to share their opinions on what happened in the game’s final seconds. The now-infamous final play of the game generated more than one million Tweets (and used a fair amount of colorful language — consider this your disclaimer).

One of the most vocal was @packers guard @TJLang70, whose series of blunt Tweets generated more than 150,000 retweets between them

Here’s what I consider to be the best tweet ever sent on the service:


It was followed up by:


Whoah. Did Lang have Twitter-Remorse? Not really:


Other players got involved too, but the point is that NFL players took to Twitter first to voice their displeasure, rather than talking to mainstream press on camera. The tide has turned for how people communicate, and this is a perfect example.

Lang didn’t have a lot of followers before the game, and I’m not even sure that he was a verified account until last night, but his message and anger picked up steam. Many are calling for new metrics on Twitter, as followers just doesn’t do it anymore. Retweets are a good one, clearly.

[Photo credit: Flickr]