New “Always On” Foursquare Notification Setting Lets You Always Know Where Your Friends Are

Foursquare wants you to keep in touch with your friends, so it has released a new notification setting for the system.

Here’s what the company said today:

Have friends or family that live in another city, state, or country? Now you can choose to receive notifications when they check in, even if they’re not nearby or you have all check-in notifications turned off. Is your spouse traveling for work? See when he or she arrives at the airport safely. Friends visiting Iceland for a week? Easily keep up with their glacier-climbing, fermented-shark eating adventures.

The setting itself can be found on your friend’s profile on I’d be careful with how many people you add this “Always On” setting for, because you could get nailed with a zillion notifications quickly if your buddies move around a lot. There are other choices like the popular “off” or “nearby.”

Is this creepy? Some of you will probably say that it is, but you really shouldn’t be using a service like foursquare if you’re worried about that stuff.

Also, I’m officially dubbing 2012 the year of location.