Crowdfunding Startup GoFundMe Launches Member Network Program, Now Sharing Revenue With Partners

Crowdfunding startup GoFundMe is picking up steam, raising about $3 million in campaigns each month, compared to $2 million just three months ago. Now it’s looking to accelerate its growth with a new partner program, where organizations can have branded campaigns and share in money raised through GoFundMe’s platform.

GoFundMe is now opening up its Member Network program through which it will partner with organizations whose members raise funds through the site. Member Networks will get credit for money raised on GoFundMe, thanks to a logo and custom text that will appear on any associated crowdfunding campaign. They will also be featured in a rotating partner carousel on the GoFundMe home page.

But more importantly, participating Member Networks will share in funds that are raised via GoFundMe. The startup takes a 5 percent cut of all funds raised on its platform, and it will split that with organizations that it partners with, so GoFundMe and Member Networks will each receive 2.5 percent of funds raised in associated campaigns. That means that if someone raises $2,000 through GoFundMe, the partner (and GoFundMe) will receive $50 out of that.

There are other benefits, including GoFundMe’s ability to handle all fraud prevention, identity verification, and payments through Facebook, PayPal, and WePay. GoFundMe also screens all public pages that are posted to ensure quality listings, so that partners don’t have to worry about that, either. Partners will even get analytics from GoFundMe campaigns, allowing them more insight into how different campaigns performed.

Its first launch partner is International Volunteer HQ, a firm that helps people raise money and receive placement in volunteer positions worldwide. IVHQ works by connecting volunteers with various local aid organizations, but those volunteers still need to raise funds for airfare, living expenses, and insurance on their own. As a result, IVHQ has partnered with GoFundMe, allowing volunteers to raise money for their trips via the crowdfunding company. In return, IVHQ will receive a small share of the funds raised. (You can see one example of an open IVHQ/GoFundMe campaign here.)

GoFundMe was founded in San Diego, Calif., and has been bootstrapped since being founded in 2008. The startup has four employees and operates in the U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K. and all European Union countries that use the euro as the local currency.