AngelHack Goes International For Its Next Hackathon

The last time I talked up AngelHack, I was impressed that the hackathon had spread to two coasts. Looks like that wasn’t enough for founder and CEO Greg Gopman — the fall version of the event has now grown to include five international cities, including Tel Aviv, London, Santiago, Paris, and Toronto.

It is, Gopman says, the largest hackathon in the world, with 2,500 attendees. The next one kicks off on November 9, with events staggered throughout November and early December, depending on the city. Each event is a weekend hackathon on its own, and then the winners from each are flown out to Silicon Valley on AngelHack’s dime to compete in the final competition in January. They also get a chance to visit big tech campuses like Facebook and Google.

I was a judge at the last event, and I’ll be doing it again come January. Gopman says AngelList’s Naval Ravikant and Google Ventures’ Wesley Chan have also agreed to judge the finals.

By the way, even though they start as weekend projects, real startups have emerged from AngelHack, including AppetasGiveGoShopInterestTapFame, and Lambda Labs.  You can read more and sign up at the AngelHack site.