Inside The Brand New Makerbot Retail Store


The handsomest man in the world, Bre Pettis, gives the second handsomest man in the world, Phil Torrone, a nice visit to the Makerbot Store in Manhattan. The store is now selling Makerbots, filament, and pre-made items like watches and toys.

The store is at 298 Mulberry Street.

As Bre notes, they built the store to convince people that 3D printers weren’t all science fiction. We visited with the new Replicator, the $2,199 version 2.0, and came away wildly impressed at the fit and finish of the new model. The store, it seems, is just as cool.

As a proud (and jealous) owner of the first Replicator, I’m really glad to see this thing inch closer to what can only be termed a 3D printing singularity. Once we all have these, the network effects and improvement of general 3D printing techniques will change the way we think about physical objects. Until then, I’m going to keep printing me some proud roosters.

photo via LaughingSquid.