Watch It Live: Apple Opens Doors To Its NYC Flagship Store For iPhone 5 Launch

It’s the big day. iPhone 5 day.

The fanbois — not the 2 million that pre-ordered within the first 24 hours, but the rest of them — have only recently showed up to Apple’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City. Romain’s here. Still.

And of course, the same group of brand ambassadors and OccupyApple protestors are still at the head of the line, some pushing their app/cases/services and others trying to sell off their valuable spot in line.

And then there’s us.

We arrived around 6am, and it’s pretty chilly, but that doesn’t seem to bother those waiting in line. We now have about an hour left until a bunch of so-called Geniuses have some sort of pow-wow before forming a line and clapping, as the first new iPhone 5 owners make their way into the store.

We’ll try and interview the first guy out with a phone, who, if I recall correctly, is from Vibe.

Make sure to tweet and follow along with us on Twitter using the hashtag #crunchphone. We will do our best to answer questions as we wander around.

We hope you enjoy the show.