The Best Apps Optimized And Ready For Your New iPhone 5: Evernote, Tweetbot, Tiny Tower And More

The iPhone 5 has arrived, and it comes with a larger screen than its predecessor, which actually makes for quite a different experience when it comes to software, so long as you have the right apps. Here’s a list of great apps that have already been updated to take advantage of more screen real estate, useful either for iOS first-timers or those coming back to the platform yet again.

Evernote. Evernote has updated to allow users to see more notes at once on the larger screen. It also now supports sharing over Facebook in iOS 6. This update is the perfect example of how a company can do a lot with just a little when it comes to getting software ready for a larger Apple smartphone. Free.

Tweetbot. While Tweetbot really just made it so that you can see more of your Twitter stream on the iPhone 5, the fact is that it’s a fantastic app and loads better than the official client. That fact that it was updated and ready to go ahead of launch is just a perfect example of how good the team behind this app is, and how quickly they update the product to make sure the user experience is always top-notch. $2.99.

Tiny Tower. This addictive skyscraper building simulation title has been updated for iPhone 5, and it actually works perfectly on the larger screen, since you can now view more floors and the inhabitant characters of your virtual tower at one time. If any app was crying out for a straightforward increase in vertical space, it’s this one. Free.

Reeder. I’ve long been a fan of Silvio Rizzi’s Reeder RSS and Google Reader client. It’s a terrific app for catching up on the day’s news on the train or reading in bed on the weekend. The app’s update just gives it more room to display text, but that’s the point: The iPhone 5 is closer than any iPhone before it to being an e-reader sized device. $2.99.

Galaxy on Fire 2. This Fishlabs space combat/trading sim is one of the best games to ever grace the iPhone screen. Now, there’s an update out that supports the iPhone 5’s screen, but that’s not all that’s new today. The update also provides access to Supernova (via. $6.99 in-app purchase), an expansion pack that basically adds a whole new game’s worth of additional content, story and gameplay. $4.99.

Navigon. Apple just introduced turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6, so why would the iPhone 5 benefit from a navigation app? For a couple reasons: First, Garmin built transit directions into the Navigon update, so if you’re missing them in Maps itself this is definitely one place to look from a trusted brand. There’s also Street View in Navigon, which actually makes this one of the smartest, best-timed updates from any company out there, given reaction to iOS 6 thus far. $49.99.

Comics. The comics app by Comixology has become basically the default digital marketplace for comic books, but the iPhone version has a hard time holding a candle to the iPad app. But with this new update, you get to take advantage of all that nice new screen real estate, and there are now full screen comic previews available, which weren’t really feasible before. I’d still rather read on the iPad, but the iPhone is now that much more enjoyable as a back up option. Free.

There are bound to be countless more updates rolling out very soon for the iPhone 5, so keep an eye out for other improvements. In addition to screen changes, there are a number of new capabilities the latest iPhone and iOS 6 offer developers, so we’re likely going to see apps that can do a lot more in the days and weeks to come.