In Line For The iPhone 5: All Of This For A Phone?

Without sounding too much like a reality TV show, I can’t sleep. Observing the wasteland in front of the Apple Store Fifth Avenue helps a bit. Yet, the Apple line heroes have no problem sleeping at all. It’s probably because they have been sleeping outside for the past few days.

As I’m typing these words, it is 4am, the new midnight. People in front of the line are sleeping, those at the back didn’t bring a chair and are still standing, wide awake. Television vehicles make an incredibly annoying noise behind me and the hotdog smell from a food cart not so far away is not something you are looking for when you want to sleep.

“All of this for a phone?” keep asking the people on the sidewalk. After seeing someone walking and shouting “iPhone 5! iPhone 5!” with an iPhone 5 in his hand, I can definitely say that it is a tad too much for just a phone. Instead of showing his iPhone 5 around at 4am, he could have slept peacefully in his bed, or at least lent it to me — the bed of course.

And of course, it’s cold out there. For all those reasons, I can’t think straight right now. But be sure to watch the live stream of the iPhone 5 launch at 7am tomorrow. After that night, I don’t want you to miss it.