Watch Conan’s Tips For iPhone 5 Owners Facing Extended Shipping Times


I’ve been in this boat: your heart sinks as you watch pre-order times slip for the latest Apple hotness while you wait to amass the necessary funds, or you wake up to find that the first batch rolling off the factory line sold out in only two hours very early into the wee hours of the morning. Waiting is worse when you know others don’t have to. That’s why Conan’s provided the friendly advice in the clip above, in a video shot Apple-style and including a dulcet-toned British fake exec.

So far I’ve already started to look at my iPhone 4S with disdain, but I’m not verbally abusing it yet. And my dinosaur hands are already perfect, so that’s not an option. Also, if there’s one thing Apple really can take away from this, it’s that having a “Customer Expectations Manager” on board might not be such a bad thing, just in case.