In Line For The iPhone 5: As The Craze Of The Day Settles Down, Neighbors Share Line Experiences

When talking with other people in the line for the iPhone 5, most of them have been doing Apple launches for a long time and are used to living in these conditions. As I’m experiencing it for the first time, I am the one asking many questions. Yet, my neighbors tell those old stories about previous iPad and iPhone launches with passion, starry-eyed.

Some have told me the infamous story of the iPad 2 launch. Heavy rain and cold temperature made the wait even longer than other launches. But instead of considering them as bad memories, they try to remember every detail that made each launch special.

It is now clear that everyone is mostly here for the experience versus the device — or at least those that are not promoting something. Apple gadgets are a mere excuse to line up once again, memorabilia of days spent with strangers sharing the same passion.

Daylight and nighttime, heavy rain and blinding sun are past indications to help them keep track of all of them. Contrary to what I believed, the turnover is very low. People who have time to line up for up to a week are not that numerous.

On another note, the evening is now much more peaceful. We have moved to the plaza, which has made it more difficult for television crews to ask for interviews of the few fame-seeking half lunatics who tend to jump on every opportunity to appear on TV. That was very tiring.

With that video, I tried to capture the energy of the guys who are lining up every year, multiple times a year sometimes. It’s now time to face the dark but mostly cloudless night of New York. Be sure to watch the livestream of the iPhone 5 launch at 7am tomorrow.