Chartboost: 15% iOS 6 Adoption Rate Confirmed, Highest Among iPhone Owners At 17% In 24 Hours

We just reported that Apple’s iOS 6 saw an adoption rate of around 15 percent according to Chitika, and now Chartboost has provided numbers that back up that uptake. Chartboost is also seeing 15% uptake on its network, with users coming on board at an average rate of about 1 percent every two hours or so, with spikes around quitting time on Tuesday and picking steam again early Thursday morning.

Chartboost has also broken down the data by device, revealing that iPhone owners were fastest to adopt, with iPhone owners most eager to adopt at 17% after 24 hours, the iPad coming in second with 13% upgraded after Day One, and the iPod touch bringing up the rear with 9 percent uptake. That’s actually pretty much in line with what you might expect after seeing our chart yesterday detailing new iOS 6 features; the iPhone 4S gets the most out of iOS 6 by far (besides the as-yet unreleased iPhone 5), the new iPad also gaining quite a bit but not everything, and the 4th gen iPod touch (the only one currently available on the chart) bringing up the rear.

Now that both Chitika and Chartboost have tracked the same growth curve acting independently, it’s pretty clear that iOS 6 is the fastest-adopted mobile OS out of Cupertino yet. Let’s see if it can keep up that pace over the longer term.