Microsoft Updates SkyDrive With A Recycle Bin, Google Forms-Like Survey Tool Coming Soon

Microsoft just announced a few small but interesting updates to its cloud storage service SkyDrive. Just like your desktop, SkyDrive will now offer a recycle bin that allows you to recover files you may have accidentally deleted. In previous versions of SkyDrive, users had to acknowledge and dismiss a warning dialog before they deleted files. This dialog is now gone and has been replaced with an “undo” option.

Once the recycle bin starts taking up more than 10% of your storage limit, Microsoft will start deleting your older content and will also permanently delete files that were in the bin for more than 30 days. By default, SkyDrive will continue to automatically save previous versions of your Office documents, and today’s announcement does not change this.

Excel Surveys

In addition to this new feature, Microsoft also today announced that it plans to launch an Excel-based survey tool for the web soon. This is a feature Google Docs has offered for a while through Google Forms, but now that Excel also lives on the web, it makes sense for Microsoft to add a similar feature to its web apps. This feature, says Microsoft, “has been a top request from students in particular, as they’re great for getting suggestions for a group project or party, collecting feedback or research results, running a competition, and much more.”

Microsoft didn’t announce when exactly it plans to release these Excel surveys beyond saying that it is “putting this through some final tweaks, and you should expect to see Excel surveys show up in your SkyDrive soon.”