Disrupt Hackathon Winner Docracy Adds Collaborative Editing And Signing Capabilities To Github For Legal Documents

There are a number of websites that offer form legal documents to users. But it can be difficult to complete the next step of the process of establishing a will, or forming a company, when it comes to actually editing and signing these documents online. Docracy, which won the Disrupt NYC Hackathon more than a year ago, is a repository for legal and business documents, such as NDAs and term sheets. Anyone can upload a document, which will be translated into native HTML5, and become available to other users.

The startup’s free and community-curated library of templates now includes the ability to edit and sign legal documents. Once you find the document you want to edit, you can negotiate the whole thing online and edit the document directly within your private account. In terms of signage, Docracy now offers e-signatures with a typeset PDF result that links back to the executed version online.

The feature also provides version control, redlining, and messaging for collaboration. Co-founder Matt Hall says of Docracy, “We designed it to be a reset of the way people come to agreement, a natural next step from the openness and transparency of our growing library to the signing and negotiation of documents.” The service is currently free, with a premium full-feature plan in private beta.

Last year, Docracy raised $650,000 from First Round Capital, Vaizra Seed Fund, Quotidian Ventures, and Rick Webb, and it plans to close a Series A investment by the end of the year.

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